This list includes all information regarding past and current state legislation, including bill analyses and legislature report cards.

Legislative Leaders Institute of San Antonio
HB595 Bill
Emerging Contaminants Fact Sheet
Sample resolution of support for HB 595

Do counties need more powers to cope with urban sprawl?
Report Card for 79th Session
GEAA Legislative Agenda for 80th Session
TexPIRG’s Scorecard for 79th Session
Emerging Contaminants Fact Sheet
Comments: SB709 April 3
Comments: SB1865 April 3
Comments: HB1865 Speaker Straus April 15
Comments: HB2595 Speaker Straus May 5
Comments: SB1907-HB3298 Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs May 14
GEAA Legislative Agenda for the 81st Session – last updated May 18
Lobbyist Jeff Heckler’s summary of GEAA legislative activity for the 81st Session
Do Counties Need New Powers to Cope With Urban Sprawl?
2015CCH Bills Fact Sheet
GEAA Legislative Agenda 2015
GEAA Numerical Bill List 2015