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Brown is Beautiful

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tn_Springs_compressed.jpgTo address the severe drought conditions we are experiencing throughout the region, GEAA is mounting a campaign to give bragging rights to all of us who are pitching in to conserve water this summer.

We have three versions of yard signs available for display in your front yard that announce, “I’m not watering – I’m sharing my water with local farmers, our Hill Country springs, or Whooping Cranes.”

GEAA members are aware of the need to maintain flows from the Comal and San Marcos springs to provide freshwater that Whooping Cranes (and river outfitters) rely upon for their livelihood. And, doesn’t is just make sense that scarce water resources are better used on food crops than on carpet grass?

With your help, we hope to encourage people to make the connection between suburban water usage and the health of our Edwards Aquifer ecosystem. We want to get these signs out in our neighborhoods as soon as possible – all over the Hill Country! Will you help us spread the message that we all need to share our water resources during the hot summer months?

Yard signs sell for $15 each from GEAA’s office at 1809 Blanco Road in San Antonio, and at all seven San Antonio Clothesline Cleaner locations. The wonderful folks at Clothesline Cleaners will even throw in a free “Enviro-Bag” reusable garment bag with signs purchased at their locations! (Yet another reason we love these folks who do not pollute anything to get your clothes clean.) Big Grass Bamboo is also selling these signs on GEAA’s behalf from their beautiful store on Hildebrand in San Antonio. Please stop in!

You can also order signs for $20 via GEAA’s website ($5 extra for shipping). Please visit our online store to order your signs, or contact Elena at 210-320-1457 / to schedule a time for pick-up at the San Antonio office.

We hope you get the chance to enjoy our spring-fed waterways and pools this summer. Please help us keep some water in our rivers by keeping it off lawns by purchasing a sign (or all three) for your yard today. They are an attractive way to proclaim that you care. We can get through this summer, but we need to do it together.


Conflict brews over recharge development in San Marcos

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San Marcos City Council members voted 6-1 last week in favor of annexing 22.5 acres of aquifer recharge land on which out-of-town developers intend to place 40 units of townhomes and two lots of neighborhood commercial buildings.

Biologist and Science Director for the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance Tom Hayes asked council to vote against the annexation, “That recharge dam is on (Sink Creek). The creek is the major recharge to Spring Lake. If you sediment it, if you put the pollutants in that flood control dam, they’re going to be going directly into the springs. You cannot do that … The city needs to protect this area. The TCEQ rules are not adequate to protect the second-largest fresh water spring in the State of Texas.”

Click here to read the full article.


Annalisa is blogging for the San Antonio Express-News!

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We are pleased to announce that the San Antonio Express News has given Annalisa her own blog to report what is going on with the Edwards Aquifer, the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance, and our member groups.

You can link to her blog here: Water Wonk Adding New Voices to the Blogosphere. To read her latest entry, go here: No Silver Bullets for Treating Emerging Water Pollutants.


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