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H-E-B Campaign to Benefit GEAA Member Groups

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We are pleased to announce that H-E-B has selected Earth Share of Texas to be the beneficiary of its in-store coupon promotion for April, in recognition of Earth Day. This means that customers can tear off and add check-out coupons worth $1, $3, or $5 to their total bill.

H-E-B has supported many Earth Share of Texas organizations with corporate grants or in-kind contributions. The April tear-pad promotion enables H-E-B customers to support the program work of Earth Share of Texas organizations. GEAA and our member groups will benefit, because the contributions will be divided among Earth Share of Texas organizations with program work in Central Texas.

If you live outside of San Antonio, look for the Earth Share of Texas display and tear-off coupons at the check-out stands in H-E-B stores in your area, beginning in late March through April. Help support Earth Share of Texas and the Texas environment!

In November, H-E-B’s San Antonio region stores will feature Earth Share of Texas, giving H-E-B’s San Antonio customers the opportunity to support environmental work in the San Antonio area!



Natural Resources Committee Hears GEAA’s Top Bill

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The House Natural Resources Committee met yesterday to hear comments about HB 595 and HB 1508, among others. Several GEAA members and supporters came to speak in support of these bills – thank you!

If you’d like to see a recording of yesterday’s hearing, go to the Natural Resource Committee’s archived broadcasts and click on the broadcast listed for 3/17/09, starting at 12:06 pm.

For a list of relevant bills considered at yesterday’s meeting, read below:

HB 595: Leibowitz/Rodriguez – Relating to a restriction on permits authorizing discharges of sewage effluent into any water in the contributing or recharge zone of the San Antonioor Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer

HB 1508: Bolton – Relating to a restriction on permits authorizing direct discharges of waste or pollutants into water in certain areas associated with the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer.

HB 1662: King, Phil- Relating to the availability of certain Upper Trinity GWCD financial information on the district’s internet website.

HB 1664: King, Phil – Relating to an exemption for groundwater used for certain purposes from production fees assessed by the Upper TrinityGWDC

HB 1318: Legler – Relating to the eligibility, service, and removal of persons appointed to the TCEQ

HB 1518: Corte – Relating to the additional f territory to and the amount of production fees imposed by the Trinity Glen Rose GWCD

HB 43: Corte – Relating to permitting requirements of groundwater conservation districts, including permits to transfer water

HB 1992: Martinez Fischer – Relating to the authorization of certain reuse water system contributions and discharges


HaysCan News Roundup

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Growth in Hays County is straining our roads, open spaces and water supply. Citizens are demanding intelligent, honest planning for future growth and special interests are jockeying for influence and a stake in the lucrative development bonanza.

The RoundUp invites you to tune in as we will be presenting the “healthy skeptic’s view,” digging below the spin and uncovering the truth behind the votes and decisions of our local government decision makers.

Read more here.

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